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Welcome to the Studio!

My studio is where all my supplies and machines are. I try to keep it as organized as I can, although it is very heard given the quantities of very very small things that I work with at the same time. Seed beads to say one.
<- This is my little desk organizer that has all my wires (excluded the sterling silver ones that are sealed in plastic somewhere else in a cabinet).
I mostly use 18, 20, 26, 28 gauges wires, and I try to have matching colors available. In the shallow drawer on the bottom, I keep my stamps, to decorate envelopes and boxes that wrap my items, to make them all super cute for you all!

Those are 2 of my beads containers, possibly divided by color, but not consistenly. Some lots that I aquire is mixed and rather than separating the colors included, often I just leave them be, and I pick the ones I need when I need them. I have 3 more large containers with dividers in my art bin bags. I like to let my imagination and creativity run as free as possible, and having a large amount of supplies makes it a lot easier.
light box
This is my precious Light Box, where I take all my pictures. It was one of the most significant investments I have made for my shop, it really did make a difference.
































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